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Let the pros handle your event. Band Stages, Speaking Engagements, Awards Ceremonies, Drum Risers, Fashion Show Runways, Concerts. We do it all.
We rent all types of stages including: All Weather Staging Decks in 4'x8' Stage Panel Form, Mobile Stages such as the Apex, MAP, & Stageline Stages.


Our teams use Concert Grade All Weather Staging Decks & American Made Apex Mobile Stages that withstand even the most rigorous conditions. Each of our stage panels are 4' by 8' and can be set to the height of your choosing from 12" up to 48" with crossbracers & leg locks. We provide rental staging or full service design and event execution.  Stageline & Apex Available - Check out some photos below from staging at events we have done!

Add in stage skirting to enhance the look of your stage, available in flat black or custom colors with advance notice.

Choose a high-quality, mobile stage that suits your venue, audience size, and practical requirements. Easy-to-use and packed with the features most desired by event professionals, Apex Stages are also designed to give you the best return on your investment with multi-purpose functionalities.

We offer superior staging products for all of your staging, rolling riser, orchestra pit filler, multi-height choral riser, sound wings, spot towers, main stage or stage extension needs. With a certified live load rating of 200lbs per square foot Staging Dimensions manufactures one of the strongest singled sided decks on the market. Our standard stage decks can be any square or rectangular dimension beginning at 1' x 1' up to 4' x 8'. Larger sizes, curved, triangular or circular stages are also available as custom products.


All of our stage deck frames are constructed using 6005-T5 4-sided extruded aluminum tube and a specially designed 6005-T5 extruded aluminum corner. Frames are constructed with 8 separate interconnecting pieces bolted together to allow easy field repairs to decks sustaining damage, thereby allowing our customers the ability repair instead of replace. 

The decks lock together using a Dual Lock™ butt joint cam type coffin lock offering 2,500 lbs of tensile strength. The locks are activated from the top or bottom of the deck with a standard 5/16 allen key. This locking feature provides additional stability to your entire stage. 

Grade 5 Zinc plated bolts and #10 Zinc plated deck screws are used throughout the construction of the decks. Nylock nuts are used to eliminate vibration and noise interference when decks are in use as musical risers. All decks have a single standard center support brace running the length deck, however additional support brace designs are available. 

We offer four standard, interchangeable support systems for our staging panels which include: fixed height legs, adjustable height legs, rolling riser legs and Wunderstructures. Custom support system designs are available.

All decks come standard with 3/4" hook Velcro on all sides of the deck, positioned in a recessed aluminum channel designed to protect the Velcro. This allows for easy installation and removal of accessories or advertising media such as stage skirting, closure panels or banners.

Whether it's an event for 3,000 or 30, we have you covered! Our goal is to provide our clients with a SAFE stage for their event and help enhance performers, presenters, audio visual, & special effects equipment while doing so.

We also can provide a turn-key package to streamline your event planning & vendor selection process. Check out the video below from a recent on-campus concert we produced with staging, concert audio visual, special effects, and DJ's! Our team showed up early to transform a busy college courtyard into their own on-campus festival, our favorite type of event!
We can also provide banner kits with certain mobile stages so you can fly your banners across the top of the stage and up and down each side of the stage. Please note: all banners must be blow through mesh material. Vinyl banners will NOT BE FLOWN on our stages!

Where will you find our Apex Stages?

The easy answer is “everywhere”! You’ll find our mobile stages at: Fundraisers, Graduation, Political rallies, Street festivals and outdoor concerts, Sporting events and tailgates, Fun runs, fairs, and more!


Do you need a mobile stage for your upcoming events? Contact us today!

Not sure how many stage decks you need? Use our handy chart below to figure out the number of stage panels needed for your rental.


Stage Deck Rental Calculator:

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